If you're interested in working with me, you may consider the following options:
  • Join 'Law Matters Centre for Research, Education, and Social Action' as a volunteer/intern. To know more about the available volunteering/internship opportunities, drop a mail here.
  • Join 'The Law Blog' as an intern (writing intern). To know more about the Online Internship Opportunity, click here.
  • Join 'The Law Blog' as a guest writer. To know more, visit the website.
  • Join 'The Law Blog' as an editor. To show your interest for the same, drop me a mail here.
  • Join 'Indian Law Conclave 2018' as an Organizing Committee Member, or Campus Ambassador. To know more, click here.
  • Join 'Law Matters Online Academy' as an instructor. For further details, drop me a mail stating the same at anshuman@thelawblog.in.

In addition to the above, I'm also available for following services, and will feel privileged to help organisations and individuals working towards a social change. I'm also open for partnership opportunities relating to my professional background. Please drop a mail at anshuman[at]thelawblog[dot]in with your proposal and any other specifications.

To have an idea about my professional background, kindly take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

  • Writing/Editing:
    • I write and edit articles, blog posts, and content about Human Rights, Cyber literacy, Cyber Law, Law and Society, Law and Technology, Feminism, Ecofeminism etc.
  • Research:
    • I am available for in-depth legal and academic research, paper writing, drafting and editing policy documents, legal articles, and books inter alia.
  • Informative/Awareness sessions:
    • I am also available for awareness/informative sessions that aims at spreading legal/general information.