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Focusing on the task at hand - what I learnt from the Gita

Modernity comes with anxiety. While modern technological advancements may have eased our survival struggles, it certainly has raised the stakes in other areas of life. Contrary to the popular ‘snowflake’ thesis that paints millennials as spoilt brats of rich parents, millennials may actually have it going tougher for them, if sociologist Lisa Strohschein is to be believed. Add on top of this the constant pull of smartphones and social media, and you get a taste of the millennial anxiety recipe. While anxiety may come in different colours and flavours, one peculiar kind comes with 'overthinking'.  Every once in a while, I come across anxious people who proclaim themselves as overthinkers. For the uninitiated, this ‘overthinking’ isn’t to be equated with ‘deep thinking’ – when they say they are ‘overthinkers’, what they mean is they are anxious, clueless, and worried. 'Overthinking', at least the way this word is used in popular culture, is to be understood as lack of
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