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COVID-19, Medical Privacy, and Misinformation – A difficult tripod to balance?

Few days back, I received a call from a close friend whose brother had tested positive for the COVID-19. Worrisome. However, what was further concerning was the misinformation being spread by the media, including one of the leading national newspapers! The father of the patient is a high-ranking medical personnel in a reputed hospital, and evidently he did his best to report and quarantine his son at the earliest possible opportunity – but the story didn’t end there. Some doctors came forward to take this opportunity to complain about negligence on the part of the father of the patient and the media houses were quick enough to report this with as much details as they could gather. Soon, the name and other personal details of the patient and his father were circulating in public via various social media and networks which didn’t end even after the concerned authorities came up with unambiguous clarifications denying the alleged negligence. Incidents like these make us think a
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