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World Emoji Day 2019 – On Emojis, Artificial Intelligence, and Intellectual Property

­As much as we may boast over our ability to clearly communicate a message by way of expressing it in terms of concrete professional language, we can’t help but secretly admire the astounding communicative powers that are hidden in the usage of a simple emoji. A simple emoji, being a graphical representation of a human face or an object, expresses ideas and emotions which sometimes a bunch of words may fail to do. Rarely we’ll come across a netizen ignorant of the meaning and usage of emojis, rendering the need to define it practically unnecessary. Still, for the uninitiated, emojis can be understood as small text-sized graphical icons, often representing human faces or daily life utilities, which are often used by people in the course of their regular online communications. Almost every electronic and instant messaging service and social media platform today has adopted the usage of emojis into their platforms. Originated rather irregularly, and preceded by emoticons, emojis
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