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How workaholism may hinder your career development instead

While the wake of a robust work culture has led to a lot of positives including the emergence of a sincere work ethic, it certainly has had its own pitfalls like that of an obsessive workaholism. Workaholism, in recent years, has skyrocketed as a culture among the young people and the youth is leaving no stone unturned to show it off. Young and ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs are using every last bit of their energy to get better in their jobs, to grab that promotion, or to avail that opportunity. And that’s a beautiful thing! Until it backfires. How on earth can hard work ever backfire, you must be wondering? Well, that’s exactly what we shall be discussing in this blog post. When I say your hard work and obsession may backfire, don’t get me wrong – all I mean over there is your obsession may, there are possibilities, sometime cause you to be short-sighted, or limit you from looking at the bigger picture. And that backfires – that exactly is what hinders your c

On Digital Divide – ‘The’ new face of Inequality

Note: In this post, I have used APA style citation due to certain unavoidable reasons. For the past few weeks, I have been here in a remote village – and I mean it when I say ‘remote’. The village is 300 kms from the nearest metropolitan city, 100+ kms from the nearest railway station, 30 kms from the District headquarter, and 15 kms from the nearest National Highway (that’s the nearest road, you can say – the 15 km road till the NH is less of a road and more of a walking trail). The positives, however, in addition to the breath-taking greenery and scenic hills, are quite a few. The village has got an electricity connection since past 15 years, and now almost everyone in the village has an electricity connection to their houses. The village got its first Public Service Centre ( Jan Seva Kendra) a   few years back and it's working fine to avail some of the benefits of e-governance to the villagers. Majority of the youth do have access to the internet and do use it regularl
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