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A Short Guide to Citation of Authorities

© Anshuman Sahoo 2018.  Free for mass distribution as long as the source is mentioned. The quality and quantity of authorities cited to support a statement is one of the determining aspects that defines the reliability as well as the acceptability of a statement. Be it a memorial, a research paper, or an assignment article towards a law school grading, the importance of citing authorities remains undisputed. Given the importance of citing authorities, this also remains a fact that citation of authorities has always been a confusing and misleading thing. Deciding where to cite, why to cite, and which ones to cite are often difficult decisions a law student has to face. With an endeavour to put an end to this, the current article deals with two basic questions: why do we cite authorities, and which ones are worth citing. First, why do we cite authorities? We cite authorities to support our claim about something, as authorities have the ability to strengthen or weaken a clai
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